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Amy Poehler’s reaction to Chris Pratt’s surprise package is priceless.

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Previously: Crazy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Conservatives’ hatred of the big, bad federal government might just be an attempt to cover up their insecurity about benefiting immensely from the big, bad government’s social programs.








This was meant to be a quick warm up, but it turned into a comic that I’ve wanted to draw for a while. This is something that is extremely important to me, and I appreciate it if you read it.

A while ago, I heard a story that broke my heart. A family went a cat shelter to adopt. The daughter fell in love with a 3-legged cat. The father straight up said “absolutely not”. Because he was missing a leg. That cat was that close to having a family that loved him, but the missing leg held him back. Why?!

Many people have the initial instinct of “nope” when they see an imperfect animal. I get it, but less-adoptable does NOT mean less loveable. 9 out of 10 people will choose a kitten over an adult cat. And those 10% that would get an adult cat often overlook “different” animals.

All I want people to do is be open to the idea of having a “different” pet in their lives. Choose the pet that you fall in love with, but at least give all of them a fair shot at winning your heart.

Don’t dismiss them, they deserve a loving home just as much as any other cat. They still purr, they still love a warm lap, they still play, they still love you. Trust me, next time you are in the market for a new kitty, just go over to that one cat that’s missing an eye and see what he’s all about!

Let me tell to you a thing.

This is Lenore. I first saw her in a little cage at the Petco I frequent (I used to take my parents’ dog in for puppy play time), and she looked like the grouchiest, old, crotchety cat in the world, and I fell instantly in love. She was cranky, she was anti-social, hanging out at the back of her cage. Her fur was matted because she wouldn’t let the groomers near her.

She was perfect.

But I didn’t have a place for her. I wasn’t living in my own space yet, and where I was, I wasn’t allowed cats. So I pressed my face to the bars of her cage and I promised that if no one had adopted her by the time I’d bought a house, I would come back for her.

I visited her every week for over six months while I looked for a house. At one point, they had to just shave her entire rear-end because the mats or fur were so bad. They told me she clawed the heck outta the groomer that did it, screamed the entire time, and spent the next two days growling at anyone that came near the cage.

A couple of weeks later, I closed on my house. I went back and I got an employee, and I said: “That one. I need that cat.”

They got the paperwork and the lady who ran the rescue that was bringing the cats in told me that Lenore (at the time, Lila) was 8 years old, had been owned by an elderly lady who had died, and brought in to a different rescue, who’d had her for six months on top of the time I’d been seeing her at Petco.

This kitty had been living in a 3x3’ cube for over a YEAR because she was older and “less adoptable.”

I signed the paperwork, put her in a cat carrier, and drove her to my new home. I had pretty much nothing; a bed, an old couch, a couple of bookcases, and a tank of mice I called “Cat TV”. I let her out of the carrier and onto my bed, and I told her “I told you I would come back for you when I had a place. It’s not much, but it’s yours too now.”

Lenore spent the next three days straight purring non-stop. She followed me around the house purring. Sat next to me purring. Slept next to me purring. Leaning into every touch, purring, purring, always purring. She still purrs if you so much as think about petting her. She’s amazing, and I love her.

So, you know, if you’re thinking about adopting, and you see a beast that others consider “less adoptable,” think about Lenore.



I did my volunteer hours for school at a cat hospital, but since I didn’t have any vet qualifications, pretty much all I could do was keep the “lifers” (adult cats that had come into the hospital’s care, and pretty much had no chance of being adopted) company. For about nine months I petted, fed, and played with these cats that no one wanted simply because they were old. And yet, these cats had so much love to give. Make no mistake, each lifer had their own personality, but they were all wonderful just the same.

Another thing to keep in mind: if you’re a family with young children, adult cats are less rambunctious and probably safer for little ones. I mean, if your kid is gonna pull the cat’s tail, you’re still gonna have to deal with scratches still, and adult cats still have personalities that may not fit well with your family, but overall adult cats are probably calmer and easier to handle.

TL;DR give adult cats/cats with visible disabilities a chance! They’ve got oodles of love to give, you’ll honestly be surprised!                                                  

People make a big deal out of kittens. I prefer adult cats. The last cat I had was an adult when I got her, and if I ever get a cat again, that one will also be an adult. 

Due to the various means I’ve gotten cats, mine have all been kittens (one was free to a good home, one was adopted straight from the vet, one was adopted from a pet adoption store because my youngest brother fell in love with her, and one was adopted from a friend who couldn’t care for her). But I told my boyfriend that when we move in to our own place together, I want to adopt an adult cat. 

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Disney just released these 2, plus 8 more production photos from Into the Woods. 

Going on the “Must See” movie list!

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omfg reblogging till the end of time

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I do not think everyone in America is ignorant! Far from it! But we are today, probably, the most uneducated, under read, and illiterate nation in the western hemisphere. Which makes it all the more puzzling to me why the biggest question on your small mind is whether or not little Johnny is gonna recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning! I’ll tell you something else, Mr. Brickett. I have had it up to here with you and your phony issues and your Yankee Doodle yakking! If you like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance everyday then I think you should do it! In the car! In the shower! Wherever the mood strikes you! But don’t try to tell me when or where I have to say or do or salute anything, because I am an American too, and that is what being an American is all about! And another thing, I am sick and tired of being made to feel that if I am not a member of a little family with 2.4 children who goes just to Jerry Fallwell’s church and puts their hands over their hearts every morning that I am unreligious, unpatriotic, and un-American! Because I’ve got news for you, Mr. Brickett. All liberals are not kooks, anymore than all conservatives are fascists! And the last time I checked, God was neither a Democratic nor a Republican! And just for your information, yes I am a liberal, but I am also a Christian. And I get down on my knees and pray everyday - on my own turf - on my own time. One of the things that I pray for, Mr. Brickett is that people with power will get good sense, and that people with good sense will get power… and that the rest of us will be blessed with the patience and the strength to survive the people like you in the meantime!
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"I’m being really interesting right now, I can tell. Usually my personality’s a little flat, did you ever pick up on that?"

"That you have a personality? No."

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Baby Nala plying with a ribbon

Leaked Sailor Moon transformation sequence

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I actually really like this ad campaign.

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A whole island full of cats could be your next vacation. For real.

Commonly known as Cat Island, Tashirojima’s feline origins go back almost 300 years when residents grew silkworms for the textile industry. In order to protect their business, people brought cats to the island to eat the mice that preyed on those silkworms. When the human population eventually dwindled, the cat population began to flourish. Fed by the remaining fishermen, now the animals dominate the island.

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This is the realest


This is the realest

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